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Plan3000 had the honor of covering the C40 Cities #Women4Climate conference. The powerful speakers at the conference highlighted the advantages that arise when women are empowered to harness their human capital. We’ve highlighted our favorite quotes below that speak to that theme.

“If we foster inclusiveness in education, equality in economic opportunity, we can unlock the incredible human potential that is untapped for future generations.” Atti Worku: Founder & CEO, Seeds of Africa

“We must lead by showing what can be done and what women can do under these difficult circumstances. It is our role as women mayors to empower other women so they can survive the impact of climate change.” Patricia De Lille: Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa

“Close to peoples preoccupation and realities, they have [the] capacity to act rapidly and effectively. This represents huge opportunities but also enormous responsibility to take on the most important challenge humanity faces. L’Oréal responded to be part of this collective effort.” Alexandira Palt: Chief Sustainability Officer, L’Oréal

“Women are strong social innovators at their core and we believe that’s going to be a catalyst for change on a bigger scale.” Paulette Frank: Worldwide Vice President for Sustainability of Johnson & Johnson

“Marie is little miss flint. The energy and work that individuals but behind this 10 year old to support this initiative, the coming together to see a little girl in the space develop around and give her the energy to deliver a message that adults, male nor female, couldn’t deliver as powerfully as she has in the last year and a half.” Marie C. Waugh: Vice President of Human Resources, Suez

“Once you climb a rod on the latter you must always pull someone up behind you.” Marie C. Waugh: Vice President of Human Resources, Suez

“To build an inclusive and diverse movement can be hard but it’s not complicated.” Antha Williams: Head of Environment Programs, Bloomberg Philanthropies

Rana Foroohar, Columnist and Associate Editor Financial Times, asked the question “how does female leadership help with sustainability in your city?” We want to know the answer. Tweet us at @3000Disrupters and let us know.

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