What’s in Common Between Facebook and RocAFella Records?

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

So, what is really in common between these “Unicorn” startups JayZ and Mark Zuckerberg created?

Successful Silicon Valley startups and Urban American startups have a striking commonality: disruption. Facebook and Roc A Fella Records, Uber and Bad Boy Records these startups disrupted their respective industries in a major, game changing way. The same way Uber disrupted the transportation industry, early pioneers of hip hop d isrupted the music industry by laying the grounds for Urban American startup record labels, such as RocAFella Records, which became a unicorn like Uber and Facebook (#UrbanSiliconValley). In both of these examples, individuals from both Silicon Valley and Urban America relied on their entrepreneurial mindsets to found startups based on a simple, core concept of disruption and market intervention. By doing so, they exhibited the core principle of a disruptor’s mindset: not to be afraid of existing market forces and conventional wisdom.

That is why everyone in Silicon Valley wants to be the next Zuckerberg, and everyone in the urban streets of America wants to be the next JayZ. If there was no hip hop there would be no Drake, and if there were no boom box, there’d be no hip hop unicorns. One thing in common about these two unique stories is the entrepreneurial mindset and how they use technology to achieve their respective success. Kudos hip hop pioneers and tech pioneers for making that one happen.