5 Websites That Support Women In Tech

Posted by Emma Brownstein
(@Emma Brownstein)

It’s undeniable that even the most talented, intelligent and competent women face obstacles in their career solely because of their gender. Women in tech are no strangers to rampant gender-inequality in the field, but there are also a handful of websites dedicated to providing resources to help them further their career. Here are five standouts:

Tech Ladies

tech ladies
Photo by: Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies is an online community that connects women with the best tech opportunities out there. Conversely, they help companies like Wikipedia, Etsy, Paypal and more become more inclusive in the techmakers they hire. Along with job postings, you can also find newsletters, facebook groups, success stories, networking events, free tickets to conferences, and a tech lady playlist to listen to “while getting shit done, writing some code, and changing the world.”

Tech Mamas

tech mamas
Photo by: Tech Mamas

For moms trying to balance a vibrant tech career with family life or for women who just want some advice from others in the biz, Tech Mamas is a site worth checking out. The blog divides its topics into different plans, including career, tech, parenting, travel, learning lifestyle and shopping. Highly readable with plenty of #HowTos, Tech Mamas seeks to curate the best of tech for women.

Girls in Tech

girls in tech
Photo by: Girls in Tech

Globally renowned, Girls in Tech is a non-profit dedicated to educating, engaging and empowering women and girls who are passionate about technology. They aim to catalyze the growth of innovation by women in the industry and support those who seek to build their own startups. Their website lists opportunities to participate in a wide range of tech based programs and posts job opportunities all over the world.

Women 2.0

Photo by: Women 2.0

Women 2.0 creates informative content and action-based services that help to close gender gaps. They recently launched Lane, a tech recruitment platform that connects inclusive work environments with talented women. On their website, they write “we’re excited to continue to create impactful content, experiences, products and partnerships that build a more vibrant and diverse technology ecosystem.”


Photo by: BetterBrave

Unfortunately, women in tech aren’t strangers to sexual harassment in the workplace, as 1 of 3 women have gone through it. Founder after the series of Uber sexual assault controversies, BetterBrave empowers women to fight back against immoral and illegal harassment that too often goes unreported. They provide easily digestible outlines of laws, guidelines, rights and resources involving assault. “Let our voices be heard. The more we speak up, the more we can push for change.”


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