Know Any LGBTQ Couples Looking for $100,000 in Wedding Funds?

Posted by Mikayla Toffler
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Don’t worry—the most popular dating app has NOT forgotten to make their mark on Pride Month!

Pride Fist

For the entire month of June, LGBTQ couples can upload a photo and a description of their story using the hashtag #TinderSuccessStory and tagging Tinder for a chance to win a $100,000 prize toward a dream wedding, funded by Tinder. Tinder VP of Communications and Branding Rosette Pambakian said that Tinder wants to give back to LGBTQ couples who sometimes “don’t have the family support for a dream wedding.”

Movements toward greater inclusion on the app started back in November of 2016, when Tinder adjusted their gender identity settings. What once held the limited options “Man” and “Woman” then expanded to contain a third “More” option, under which the user could manually type in an identity, without any restriction. In regard to these changes, Tinder CEO told TIME magazine, “…we’re really committed to making sure Tinder is a place for everyone. We will do everything we can to make sure Tinder is a safe place.”

Check out the photos below to see the latest submissions!


Tinder Submission Tinder Submission Tinder Submission

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