Three Ted Talks About Refugees

Posted by Emma Brownstein
(@Emma Brownstein)

Everyone has a story to tell, but a story that is too often ignored is that of refugees. The amount of individuals seeking safety away from their homes is on the rise in what is becoming known as a refugee crisis. With war torn states, camps and a global anti-refugee sentiment on the rise, it is now more important than ever to talk about refugees, their stories, and what our role is in helping them globally.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Refugees — Believe In Them

Luma Mufleh, an activist, soccer coach, and Jordanian immigrant, tells stories of perseverance, struggle and hope. Coming to America on asylum, she seeks to support refugees through helping them feel a sense of humanity that is often lacking for those who have been displaced. “Their journeys are haunting. But what I get to see every day is hope, resilience, determination, a love of life and appreciation for being able to rebuild their lives.

The Refugee Crisis Is a Test of Our Character

Refugee advocate and president of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband, shares his experiences working with refugees and the implications of the globalization of indifference that has become tangible in the refugee crisis. “I truly believe this, that the biggest question in the 21st century concerns our duty to strangers. The future ‘you’ is about your duties to strangers. You know better than anyone, the world is more connected than ever before, yet the great danger is that we’re consumed by our divisions. And there is no better test of that than how we treat refugees.

A Young Poet Tells the Story of Darfur

Emtithal Mahmoud paints vivid images of her life in Darfur and her eventual escape through poetry. “I choose poetry because it’s so visceral. When someone is standing in front of you, mind, body and soul, saying ‘Witness me,’ it’s impossible not to become keenly aware of your own humanity. This changed everything for me. It gave me courage. Every day I experience the power of witness, and because of that, I am whole. And so now I ask: Will you witness me?”

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