The TechCentury

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

Last century’s ‘Tale of Two Cities’ (should have been played out by now, but still…) is about the haves and have nots, those with access to information and those without it, those who are naturally surrounded by an abundance of resources and social capital, and those who have to hustle just to get a little taste of it. This old Tale of Two Cities is about….Wait, Wait Wait! This is the TechCentury! Let’s tell a new story, “The Tale of One City”.

Let’s focus on the similarities between these two cities, powerful similarities that all too often go overlooked. Let’s not forget that these two places share the title of being the best breeding grounds for successful, innovative and brave entrepreneurs startup minded individuals who are not afraid to think big, and equally not afraid to fail. Remember what Eric Ries said in Lean Startup: “conditions of extreme uncertainty” form the foundation of tech startup culture. Well it does in the streets, too.

The striking similarities between these two entrepreneurial worlds will be the foundation of a new story: “The Tale of One City”. Together, this “human institution” feeds off of one powerful entrepreneurial model: the startup mindset. Together, this ‘one city’ thrives and flourishes under conditions of uncertainty, lack of resources, creativity and ingenuity. If we focus on these similarities, and not the differences, something incredible might happen in this Techcentury: two cities becoming one.