The Answer

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

The reason all of the pioneers of hip hop were successful entrepreneurs was not because of talent only it was because they were startup entrepreneurs and disrupters. Now, for this generation of Urban Americans in the Techcentury, Are there any JayZ’s who can disrupt the transportation industry, the medical industry, hotel industry, the banking industry, the professional networking industry??? And, for that matter, are there any JayZ’s that can be disruptors in other industries we are not even aware of yet? Does the Tech industry really have the proper channels to understand the customer pain points of Urban America? And, do Urban Americans really understand they can be Tech Entrepreneurs? Mmmm. Maybe this is why we don’t have tech startups in Urban America? #TechCentury #Technofication

Our answer is focusing on the remarkable similarities between Tech and Urban entrepreneurs, and fostering a tech inspired social infrastructure which connects them and their respective networks, knowledge bases and knowhow. As we have seen in recent times, the combination of Tech and Urban knowhow and knowledge has the potential to create the most powerful “unicorn startups” in existence. We focus on the explosion of the hip hop industry as a result of accessible connections between Tech and Urban ingenuity. Our goal is to find what we can learn from these examples, and use these powerful takeaways as a key to create a flourishing startup culture in Urban America not only to create a few billionaires and millionaires, but, more importantly, to create thousands of thousandaires who have the proper connections and access to change their unique vision and knowhow into successful startups.

#Technofication (Instead of Gentrification)

In this techcentury, the greatest potential for social change and economic empowerment is to foster an environment in which community locals become the gentrifiers of their own neighborhoods, instead of being displaced by new residents with high paying jobs right down the street. Instead, with a knowledge based economy, both the locals and new residents will be engaged in a highly collaborative process to gentrify their own neighborhoods.

We call this ideal process “technofication” , and it is what happens when a collaborative effort is underway, driven by the great minds of the Tech and Urban worlds. Hip hop meets Silicon Valley. Imagine.