Anthony Worku, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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From an early childhood, making a difference has been ingrained by Anthony’s parents and the environment he has been raised. His upbringing in urban areas instilled his passion for making a difference in urban America. Anthony is a veteran in the tech world, with four startups under his belt. He loves storytelling, and espresso. Contact:

Jolie Peters, Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

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Growing up in Woodstock, NY, a town of art and inclusivity, Peters’ discovered her passion for writing and storytelling. She understands that the millennial generation has a powerful voice, and she expresses hers through social media and non-fiction writing. Peters’ was a childhood actress, and has a passion for cooking and her French Bulldog, Pickle. Contact:

Maddie Nikolaidis, Junior Marketing Associate


A native Rhode Islander with a passion for street style, street art, and street food, Maddie Nikolaidis expresses herself through design and freehand doodling. She is currently studying International Business and Marketing, and has caught a bad case of the travel bug. Maddie is inspired by change-makers and social influencers alike, and loves to explore/learn about different cultures and all they have to offer. Contact:

Emma Brownstein, Junior Editor


Emma Brownstein, a Brooklyn native, has spent her time as a student striving to find the right words to express herself. As a writer, she believes that storytelling is crucial to creating a more empathetic world and hopes that her own stories will connect a wide array of readers. She loves exploring the city as much as she loves bubble tea. Contact:

Mikayla Toffler, Junor Marketing Associate


Mikayla Toffler is almost as passionate about writing, music and art as she is about New York City. She cares deeply about feminist activism and sexual violence awareness, and believes fervently that storytelling is one of the most effective ways to promote her cause. Contact:

Sara Spector, Editor & Videographer

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A self-proclaimed film buff, Sara used to view media as a way of escaping the troubles of the real world. Now she sees its tremendous potential to create change. Through her writing, she hopes to shed light on the millions of diverse stories, communities, and voices that are currently unseen. Despite this, she still appreciates the mind-numbing effects of a good episode of The Office.