6 Ways to Make a Sustainable Thanksgiving Feast

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

While the holiday season is a great excuse to connect with family and acknowledge what you’re thankful for, it can also bode gluttony, mindless eating, and over-spending all at the cost of the environment. We’re not saying that you can’t splurge and treat yo’ self a bit, but you’ll feel a lot better come New Years if you’re celebrating with purpose. Here are six ways to maintain mindfulness and promote sustainability this holiday season.

Buy local

One of the easiest ways to ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is sustainable is by purchasing the ingredients locally. Find a farmer’s market or local co-op for your green beans, potatoes and pumpkin. It will likely cost less and will definitely taste better than your big-brand grocery store.

Invest in Reusable Kitchenware

If you cook a turkey every year, invest in a reusable roasting pan instead of using a disposable aluminum one. And don’t even think about making your guests eat with disposable plates and utensils. Not only does it cheapen the whole experience, but it will also piss off Mother Earth. 

Don’t Waste the scraps

Leftover bits of veggies, fresh spices and turkey do not belong in the garbage. Say whaaat? You heard me! Toss them in a pot with some water, salt and pepper and cook low and slow for world’s best stock. It’s also a great way to make extra gravy once you run out. 

Freezer is your friend

If you overshoot the mark and buy too much food, don’t let it sit in your fridge until it expires. With the exception of stuffing, all of your Thanksgiving accoutrements can be frozen and eaten later. 

Buy a smaller bird 

The fact of the matter is, meat production is really bad for the environment. Like…really bad. We’re not trying to guilt you out of eating a turkey this Thanksgiving, but we are asking that you stay mindful of your meaty main’s impact on the environment. Opt for a smaller bird and load up your family and friends on healthy, veg-forward sides.

Join forces 

Join forces with your friends and neighbors for your holiday feast. You’ll use less energy if you’re all cooking under one roof, and it will also help ensure a waste-free affair.