School of Privilege vs School of Hard Knocks

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

Are you a bold individual? Are you a fearless innovator? Do you embrace technology to accelerate change? Check, check, check!? Congratulations, you are a 3000Disrupter.

We are embarking on a voyage, and we want you to be our co-captain. Our mission is simple: We are calling on a movement that disrupts the physical zip code. This creates a collaborative dynamic between Urban America and the mighty world of tech, in turn creating an Urban Silicon Valley.

We are one connected generation, we are one global race. Together, we can accelerate change.

How do we do accelerate change? Through the power of storytelling. Storytelling leads to positive conversations, which leads to collaboration. It’s through the power of storytelling that we can understand our similarities. You, as a 3000Disrupter, have the power to share your stories, encourage others to share their stories, and hear the tales of people outside your own zip code. We’ve created a platform that allows you to empower others by sharing your stories, and allows others to help you by sharing theirs as well.

How do you join the movement?

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About the Movement: Other generations took their time with technology…we do not. That’s what makes us 3000Disrupters. @3000Disrupters is made of 3000 likeminded individuals and disrupters who accelerate the solution of Year 3000 to NOW. Our first tangible goal is to create #UrbanSiliconValley. We are transforming the unlikeliest of zip codes to a technology job hub. For additional information, please contact