Rainbow Wrapping Ideas to Spread the LGBTQA+ Spirit this Holiday Season

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

Who needs traditional wrapping paper when you can put the Queer in Christmas with these fabulous rainbow ideas for all of your holiday gifts? DIY crafts queens, get your glue guns ready.

Rainbow Yarn

Keep the paper simple, and show off your LGBTQA+ pride with multi-colored yarn. Super chic, festive and fun.

Pride for the Kids

Wrap your gift in white paper and give the gift of color by taping crayons on your packages. Then, encourage kids (and even adults) to bring the rainbow into Christmas the DIY way.

Woven Rainbow

This option is a bit more labor intensive, but boy is it worth it. Use your colorful ribbon to make a rainbow mural on the top of each gift.

Festive Flags & PomPoms

I mean, if you’re going to bring the LGBTQA+ to Christmas, you might as well do it the right way – with a party on your present.

Rainbow Ribbons

Keep it simple with what you have on hand and opt for this option that uses traditional ribbon to share your pride.

Marble Wrapping Paper

If ribbon isn’t your thing, this dreamy marble wrapping paper should do the trick.

Abstract Rainbow

Want to go a little abstract this holiday season? This fun rendition on rainbow wrapping is the perfect option.