Literal Rainbows

Posted by Emma Brownstein
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LGBT monument at nigh
Photo by: Anthony Goicolea

On the 25th of June, during the height of pride month, Governor Cuomo announced some good news for the LGBT community: The first monument dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people was to be commissioned by The State of New York, and artist Anthony Goicolea was chosen to design it. After the Pulse attack in 2016, Cuomo founded The LGBT Memorial Commission, which helped turn desires for a monument into reality.

In his announcement, Cuomo said that the design was “selected for the way it complements the landscape and communicates a timeless message of inclusion.” The installation will include nine boulders with mirrored, prismatic edges cut in a way that will exude subtle rainbows on the grass.


LGBT memorial
Photo by: Anthony Goicolea

The monument is to be build in Hudson River park, a historic meeting place and haven for members of the community. “I wanted to communicate with the river and the piers,” Goicolea said. “I really want it to be part of the area.”

While sexuality is a common theme in his art, Goicolea, a gay artist from Georgia, said that creating his design was a “cathartic experience.” He has said that moving to New York and exploring the historically rich West Village has been “eye-opening” for him and his artistic experience.

While the exact date of installation is still unknown, Goicolea has released a series of images that depict what the monument will look like. In them, he has included details such as a gay couple resting on one of the rocks, which reflects what he anticipates from his design.

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