Plan3000 Announces Launch of Socially Conscious News Platform

Today, Plan3000 announced the launch of their socially conscious storytelling platform. The news source is devoted to content coverage that’s relevant to millennial readers. The company promotes social innovation with the goal of empowering social change.

“From the #MeToo movement to the gun reform walkouts, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that millennial and Generation z readers are in need of a content platform specifically dedicated to the causes they care about,” Said Anthony Worku, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of

The innovative platform organizes its content into tracks under overarching albums that tell individual stories with the purpose of unifying a larger thematic cause. The Plan3000 albums will cover issues relating to feminism, the environment, LGBTQA+ rights, food sustainability, animal rights, refugees, race in America, influencer profiles, tech inclusion, social innovation conference coverage and more. Each album will feature house-written news articles, syndicated content and influencer profiles that are associated with the given cause.

“This one connected generation can do the unthinkable. Together, we can turn time around. Together we have the ability to bring the solution of year 3000 to the present with the help of great people, the disrupter mindset, ideas, and incredible technology. Time is in our hands,” said Worku.

In addition to featuring staff-written content, Plan3000 has an additional feature that allows individuals to write and submit their own content. The Submit Your Story template is easy to use as it resembles a WordPress blog, and will allow readers to write their own stories, add their own imagery, and promote content or causes that are important to them.

“The idea with the Submit Your Story feature is to give a voice to the millions of millennials that are trying to unite for a specific cause. Whether you want to promote a march you’re organizing, a poem that relates to feminism, or an interview you conducted with a change catalyst, Plan3000 will allow you to actually publish that content directly to a website. Not only is it a great way to promote the causes you care about, but it’s an excellent way for students to be the featured writers on our platform!

I encourage anyone who has a story to tell to reach out to our team. You write it, we promote it,” said Senior Editor, Jolie Peters.

Plan3000 has been, and will continue to broadcast weekly articles through their newsletter called The Disrupter. The newsletter is sent out on Thursday mornings, and will be archived on the site as well.

For more information about Plan3000, please contact the Senior Editor, Jolie Peters, at