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Our First Album: From the Unlikeliest Zip Code to Mount Rushmore: The Untold Story of Urban Startups

Press Release


Monday January, 23rd 2017 – New York, NY – We are a living breathing hub for social innovation movements where it’s easier to tell complicated stories, and simpler to get involved. The beta version of our storytelling platform will be launching on Monday, January 23rd.

We are calling on the tech community, students, change-makers, media, bloggers and storytellers to join the 3000Disrupters movement to be a catalyst for change. With the help of social media, you have a powerful platform and voice to enlighten others. Please share our positive stories regarding the mindset and ingenuity of Urban American entrepreneurs.

The truth is, when it comes to Urban America there is a lack of positive storytelling. Everyone is guilty of creating this negative narrative. The fact is, urban America is FULL of entrepreneurs. Society ignores this fact. Both traditional and digital media are crowded with sensationalism, and our social media storytellers worship selfies over the pain-points of others. Storytelling is a powerful tool we all possess.

Through the power of storytelling we can bring light to the positivity and creativity that stems from urban environments. Our first album, From the Unlikeliest Zip Code to Mount Rushmore: The Untold Story of Urban Startups, highlights the ingenuity of urban entrepreneurs. To tell these stories we dug deep into mindset of six unlikely urban entrepreneurs to show how their startup entrepreneurial DNA is the same as successful Silicon Valley founders. We ask you to be on the forefront of redefining and reimagining popular beliefs about urban America. We know that this job is difficult and complex. We know that sensationalism sells. However, with your help, we can tell these complex stories and make them impactful. Together, as 3000Disrupters, we can accelerate change.

How do you join the movement?

1. Follow us at 3000Disrupters on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.
2. Retweet, reshare, repost our first album by tagging us, and using the hashtags #UnlikeliestZipCodes and #UrbanSiliconValley.

About the Movement: Other generations took their time with technology…we do not. That’s what makes us 3000Disrupters. @3000Disrupters is made of 3000 likeminded individuals and disrupters who accelerate the solution of Year 3000 to NOW. Our first tangible goal is to create #UrbanSiliconValley. We are transforming the unlikeliest of zip codes to a technology job hub. For additional information, please contact


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Social Media: @3000Disrupters