Netflix Talks Representation With #FirstTimeISawMe

Posted by Emma Brownstein
(@Emma Brownstein)


When you see someone on TV or in the movies that looks like you, you are more able to identify with their character, their problems and their journey as it unfolds on screen. As a child especially, characters that serve as representations are comforting because they act as a parallel and can be a guiding force and role model through the tribulations of growing up. It’s empowering.

But, unfortunately, asides from the cis, white, and straight category that is most often depicted in the media, representation is sparse, and many are left without televised role models. While television and film are pushing to become more diverse in their characters and imagery, there is still a distinct gap in minority representation.

Netflix Wants To Talk About It

In a collaborative effort with Black Girl Nerds, an online community that supports nerdy black girls, Netflix has launched #FirstTimeISawMe to get underrepresented groups to have a conversation about their relationship with media growing up.

The Twitter community jumped on the opportunity to share their stories of when they first identified with a character and who inspired them growing up. A community is galvanizing online as the conversation plays out, and all of the responses are pretty great.

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