Meet Greta Thunberg

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

Greta Thunberg is a force to be reckoned with. Insteading of sitting at a desk, this 15-year-old activist spent six weeks sitting on the steps of the Swedish Parliament. Her mission? To get lawmakers and society at large to commit themselves to combating climate change.

From the age of nine, Thunberg has dedicated herself to environmental causes. Being on the autism spectrum has allowed her to have laser-sharp focus on specific topics in a way far beyond her peers.¬†On Saturday, October 20, she spoke to a crowd of 10,000 people at a climate march in Helsinki, Finland. Thunberg may be young, but she leaves the cutesy nature at the door. She is blunt, and targeted in her speech. She isn’t afraid to crisitize constituents, or call-out her neighbors for ignoring environmental issues for so long.

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