Meal Delivery Services That Give Back

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

Do you BlueApron? Do you Home Chef? Do you HelloFresh? The meal delivery service craze has swept the nation in recent years, and with the ease of prep and delivery right to your doorstep it’s no wonder why. With a million-and-one service options to choose from, it can be overwhelming when deciding which route to go — so let us make it easy for you. These delivery services are perfect for the conscious consumer as they give back in more ways than alleviating your supper stress.


We can’t express our love for GreenChef enough. Not only does this door-to-door service only supply goods from non-GMO farmers and purveyors, they also only buy from organic producers that actively support the environment. They make an effort to support businesses that use fair labor practices for their employees and  humanely treat animals. Did we mention that they donate a share of their proceeds to Meals on Wheels AND all of their paper goods are made from recycled products? Their rigorous quality of standards puts this conscientious service at the top of our list.

Sun Basket

Non-GMO ingredients? Grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats? Sustainable seafood? Gluten-free, Paleo, vegan options available? Check, check, check. In combination with all these worthy causes, Sun Basket also gives back to local food pantries and only sources from local farmers on the Pacific Coast. Sign us up.


While HelloFresh doesn’t solely sell organic ingredients, this delivery service gives back by protecting the environment. All of their high-quality ingredients come from local suppliers and family farms within a 50 mile radius of the purchaser to lower CO2 emissions during delivery.

Home Chef

With the initiative to only work with sustainable farmers, and to only use recyclable and environmentally-safe packaging, you can rest assured that your money is well spent when purchasing from Home Chef.

Purple Carrot

This healthful delivery service only sells plant-based meals with the goal of cutting down their carbon emissions, protecting farmlands, and conserving water. When possible, their products are made from post-consumer waste and their plastic is all BPA-free.

Peach Dish

Only sourcing organic ingredients when possible is just one of the ways this delivery service gives back. They also instated a recycling program where subscribers can send back their packaging to be recycled in the most efficient way possible.


Plated is a force to be reckoned with in the meal delivery space. Their meat is all hormone and antibiotic-free, and they only work with trusted fisheries to provide subscribers with sustainable seafood.

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