Host a Refugee for Thanksgiving

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes this for a minute. Imagine you wake up on Thanksgiving. You have no family. You have no place to call home. You’re alone, and you’re afraid. Not having a hot meal is the least of your worries as finding shelter has quickly become your biggest concern. Sadly, for thousands of people, this depiction is a harsh reality. That’s where Airbnb comes in.

Their new program, Open Homes, has helped provide temporary housing to over 11,000 individuals since its launch. People who were forced to flee because of natural disasters, country conflict, or even illness have been able to find refuge through the platform’s new philanthropic program. 

Want to give back this holiday in a truly meaningful way? First, you simply create a listing on Airbnb (or select an existing listing if you already have your home posted) and include the number of individuals you’re able to accommodate. Then, a nonprofit representative or individual seeking housing will reach out so that you can establish expectations and confirm the logistics of your space. 

Some individuals offer an empty house, some offer a spare room. There are opportunities to go the extra mile and provide a hot meal, or basic amenities.  You can be as involved as you’re comfortable with. 

On the Airbnb Open Homes website, you can watch stories about people that have actually used the program. From recovering addicts that found sober living spaces to refugees searching for new beginnings, inspiring stories abound. It’s the best time of year to give back, so why not give someone else something to be truly thankful for.