Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

Plan3000 had the pleasure of covering the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference this March. The amazing conference celebrated its 18th year as it focused on the question, “What’s the Bottom Line?” Panelists got to the core of issues surrounding social enterprise as it relates to financial, social, and environmental returns. Under the conferences four tracks (Unleashing Human Potential, Startup Society, Disruptive Potential, and Reimagining Capitalism) panelists and attendees tackled large issues relating to social justice, and social change.

In light of the current world climate, attending this conference made us more hopeful for our future than we could have ever imagined it would. What the conference showed us is that when we put our minds together, we can do the unthinkable. As a united front, we are able to bring about real, meaningful change on a global scale. The conference exemplifies what we’re capable of when we put our differences aside and focus on our similarities. The organizers, the speakers, the panelists, and the attendees all had one thing in common: they all make a difference in peoples lives. They do this not because of the glory, recognition, or wealth it brings to them, but because they genuinely care about others. These people could have excelled in any industry, but they chose to embrace the path of making a difference, which was incredibly inspiring.

To the informative opening key-note speakers, the inspirational closing remarks, the amazing panelists, the engaged attendees, and the tireless, resourceful organizers: You have given us a plethora of knowledge, and many amazing stories to tell. We hope that you, our readers, will experience these stories as if you were there. In the upcoming weeks, we will be publishing a variety of take-aways from the event. We have exclusive interviews, profiles, and invaluable knowledge for those creating a social enterprise and those that already have one. We hope that you’ll join the movement for social change, and that you’ll be inspired enough to make a change for a cause of your choice. Please share our content using the hashtags #SECON2017 and #3000Disrupters. Stay tuned.