Einstein Was a Refugee

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)

For anyone that’s forgotten about the fact that Einstein helped create the Atomic Bomb, here’s a reminder. Now imagine if Einstein wasn’t on our side. We’ll let you contemplate that. Like Einstein, there’s so many other refugees who came to our shores and they created jobs, they innovated, became noble laureates.

Four months ago we featured a round-up of #Disrupters that make this country what it is today. At the time, we were merely featuring these people because of the doors they broke down in the industries they call home. But looking back on this list, we quickly realized just how diverse the group is. We featured women, men, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Christians, African Americans, Asian Americans, White Americans, Hispanic Americans and the list goes on. This list defines the beauty of America.

It’s the diverse group of everyday folks that make a difference in the lives of others. The insiders who open doors for outsiders. The #Disrupters that innovate in-spite of their challenges and unknown outcome. We want you all to keep in mind that every single person on that list has in some way opened a door for another American. We celebrate you. We celebrate our diversity.

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