Not Your Mother’s Communications Conference

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

In 2014, Kite Hill PR hosted the very first Communications Week in New York City. The goal of this initial event was to cover media disruption at a time when video streaming and social TV was the biggest communication trend on the market. Since then, Communications Week has covered a variety of pressing industry issues with a plethora of key stakeholders in their respective fields.

This year, in collaboration with Kite Hill PR, Press Pillay – a Canada-based PR company with an initiative to help social innovation companies – is hosting the very first Canadian Communications Week.



Scheduled to be held in the Artscape Sandbox in the heart of Toronto, this particular Communications event theme is The Workforce of the Future. Leaders in the space, both from Canada and the U.S., will converge for a day of lively panel discussions that will cover topics like diversity in the workforce and future female leaders. Panels will discuss how the very definition of work is changing, and how companies and communication experts alike can understand these trends in order to attract Gen Z talent.

Founder of Press Pillay, Nesh Pillay

“Toronto is on the brink of a major shift,” says Nesh Pillay, founder of Press Pillay. “At Comms Week, we’ll be examining the role of communications and what it means for our industry to have tech and progress come to the forefront of the conversation.”

Promoting issues like tech diversity and female empowerment are at the very crux of the Plan3000 initiative. From the 1960’s counterculture to the #MeToo movement, the world has witnessed time and time again just how powerful like-minded individuals can be when they insist on change as a unit. In talking about the shifts that the communication field faces, and in understanding these shifts in a holistic way, we can prepare ourselves as unit and ensure that these changes are positive in nature. We are thrilled to be joining the efforts of Press Pillay for this impactful event, and honored to announce that our very own Senior Editor, Jolie Peters, will be speaking at one of the panels! If you’re interested in attending, you may purchase tickets here.