Passionate About Prison Reform? Here’s How You Can Give Back this Holiday Season.

Posted by Jolie Peters
(@Jolie Peters)

It’s winter, and Rikers Island isn’t exempt from the frosty temps that are impending on the greater North-Eastern area. Next time you’re tucked into your cozy apartment enjoying a cup of cocoa, pause to think about your privilege. Not everyone in winter weather is keeping warm, especially inmates at Rikers. That’s where Brooklyn Defenders comes in…

Brooklyn Defenders is a Brooklyn-based public defense organization that provides legal representation to thousands of people each year who are unable to afford an attorney. They help over 35,000 individuals a year with proper representation. Every winter, as temperatures drop in the jail, Brooklyn Defenders springs into action to fund goods that will keep their detained clients warm. Here’s more info about their campaign:



The holiday season is all about giving back, and it’s time we stop ignoring incarcerated individuals and help them receive the goods they need for their basic rights, like keeping warm. If the government isn’t going to do it, we can. Contribute to their campaign here >>