Animal Welfare Groups Are Changing The Game With iAnimal

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The Impact of Virtual Reality on Animals Rights

More than 63 million people around the world have used the virtual reality device created by an animal rights group known as Animal Equality, to watch a video exposing the mistreatment of farm animals. Today the group has announced its launch for its third virtual reality device called iAnimal. The new device shows conditions of dairy farms in 3-D, located in Mexico, Germany and Britain. Rather than having to book an expensive trip outside the country to witness this firsthand, you now have the opportunity to see what’s happening inside your own home.

Essentially you’re standing in a room where animals are being slaughtered, and rather than constantly being told animals are being mistreated, you’re now seeing it with your own two eyes. Virtual Reality helps you see what’s happening in 360-Degrees and leaves you with the impression that you’re actually where it’s all taking place.

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Sharon Nunez, the Executive Director of Animal Equality explains,iAnimal brings people to experience, for the first time, what life is like in a modern factory farm. Viewers will inhabit the cruel world humans have created for animals, feeling their suffering. This extremely empathetic experience will change, and save, lives.

Wayne Hsiung, a founder of the organization Direct Action Everywhere, which also fights for animal rights, called the technology “a game changer for animal advocates.” “The meat industry always complains that we’re using selective footage, narrow vantage points and editing to make things seem worse,” he said. “But with Virtual Reality, you’re seeing exactly what we saw and hearing exactly what we heard.”’

About Animal Equality

According to iAnimalUK, “Animal Equality is an international animal protection organisation that works in 8 countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Animal Equality carries out investigations to shine a light on the abuse suffered by animals raised and killed for food. The practices that take place inside factory farms and slaughterhouses are kept hidden from the public. Animal Equality defends people’s right to know what happens in modern farms and slaughterhouses so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Evanna Lynch Helps Promote iAnimal VR 360

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After using the iAnimal device, Evanna Lynch, an actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, has become very involved in helping to launch the product. “You don’t know what it’s like to be in a room designed to kill you,” she says.

In 2016, Evanna was presented with the Burke Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Discourse through the Arts by the College Historical Society and then moved on to talk about veganism and why she decided to become one. Her decision was based off her belief that “killing and eating animals is a betrayal of our own core humanity,” and that “killing an innocent goes against our nature.”

iAnimal – The Dairy Industry in 360 Degrees

In this video she says, “This is a tragic reality for dairy cows. I was unaware of the suffering behind every glass of milk but what I discovered changed my perspective” 

Evanna Lynch Reaction to Watching iAnimal

In this video, while holding her stomach tightly she said, “That was awful. The animals feel that they want to hide, but there’s not any corner of comfort or peace in any part of their life.”

After a deep breath and an even tighter squeeze of her stomach, she continues on to say, “It’s so cruel and so horrific and if you’re spending a few dollars to support this, it’s just not worth it.”

Appreciation for Evanna Lynch

Jose Valle, Animal Equality’s Co-founder and Director of Investigations, shows his appreciation for Evanna’s help with the campaign by saying, “Animal Equality is grateful to Evanna for giving voice to the billions of animals that suffer and die on factory farms each year and educating people on the dark reality of dairy farming. Experiencing iAnimal can be just as haunting and life changing for people as visiting any of the 120 factory farms and slaughterhouses I have investigated throughout the globe.”

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How To Access iAnimal

The iAnimal experience can be viewed through Samsung Gear VR goggles or Google Cardboard. For those watching on a flat screen, the films are available for free download from the iAnimal website and YouTube.

“We will be bringing the iAnimal experience to college and university campuses in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Spain, and Italy,” according to iAnimalUK.

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