Amazon Meal Kits Unveiled

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Check Out These Meal Kits

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Amazon is now offering pre-prepared Meal Kits to select customers. The company is growing their grocery service, AmazonFresh, following their purchase of Whole Foods and has trademarked the phrase “We do the prep. You be the chef.” The combination of Whole Foods’ resources and the Amazon Prime network was an integration that logically resulted in the new Meal Kits.

Available for delivery in the U.S, the Meal Kits cost approximately eight to ten dollars per serving, and all boxes are meant for two. That being said, for delivery, customers must purchase a subscription to AmazonFresh, which is a $14.99 per month, an offshoot of Amazon Prime. Customers without Amazonfresh can pick up the Kits at a Fresh Pickup Location.

At the start, Amazon is offering seventeen meal options, but that number is expected to grow. Options currently range from tacos al pastor to veggie burgers with smoked eggplant. Reviews have been mixed. Josh Chadd, an avid user of services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, raved that “Overall the finished meal was a 9 out of 10 for any meal I’ve made at home even with my own ingredients.” On the other hand, one Amazon reviewer said that the chicken laksa “tasted like rotten eggs.”

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Poor Blue Apron

Some are calling Amazon’s Meal Kits an assault on the already struggling Blue Apron. Earlier in the month, Blue Apron shares plummeted down 29% from the initial $10 share it went public with. A share costs less than a serving of a meal itself, and after Amazon announced it’s new trademarked phrase, shares dropped even more, 11% to $6.55. Yikes.

blue apron
Photo by: Blue Apron

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