Aditi Mittal’s Netflix Debut

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Introducing: Aditi Mittal

Netflix India recently announced the newest addition to their collection: comedian, actress, and teacher Aditi Mittal’s stand-up special “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say.” Netflix decided to combat the slew of 14 male stand-up comedians that Amazon signed back in January by featuring Mittal’s performance. She is one of the country’s most popular female comedians, and this debut is a huge feat for women in India’s male-dominated comedy sphere, as it combats the unfortunate sexism that rules the scene.

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A Little Spunk Goes a Long Way

Mittal’s accomplishments prove she is not new to this; she knows the ropes and knows her worth. Her well-distinguished repertoire includes a rating on Times of India’s Top 10 list of stand-up comedians. She is a regular feature at Canvas Laugh Factory, Comedy Store Mumbai, venues and humor festivals across the country, and was invited to the 100 Women Conference in London by BCC. Aditi was also featured on the American documentary StandUp Planet. The list goes on and on, but all of Aditi Mittal’s previous ventures shows the extent to which this spunky talent truly made a name for herself in the whirlwind of the comedy world.

Aditi first performed her solo show “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say” in July of 2013 at Canvas Laugh Factory in Mumbai, and she is currently on tour with this piece. A quick rundown of the segment that will debut on Netflix on July 18 is that it features appearances by sex therapist Dr. Lutchuke and Bollywood starlet Dolly Khurana. Mittal’s style is sassy and unforgiving. She is noted for saying “my brand of humor is personal. It’s observational,” and she is described as “acerbic and cutting edge.”

The news is being received by Mittal fans and haters alike, but @NetflixIndia’s twitter account is combating the hate with witty comebacks in the comedian’s defense. Her entry onto Netflix is a step in the right direction for Netflix that addresses the prevailing gender inequalities in comedy, a usually male-centric scene.

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