One Connected Generation. One Global Race. Together we can accelerate change.


@3000disrupters is made of 3000 likeminded individuals and disrupters who accelerate the solution of Year 3000 to NOW.


About Us

We are a living breathing hub for social innovation movements where it’s easier to tell complicated stories, and simpler to get involved. We chose to tell our stories in an album and track-format because a movement is a series of actions and a series of stories that each have a diverse voice. In this digital world a lot of powerful stories get lost amongst the noise. We have chosen to create a platform that brings all of these fragmented stories to one place. Using our album-style blueprint and track-format, our powerful messages become clear and digestible. We also understand that the stories we are telling, while they may fit under the same umbrella, are all different and unique. Like a song on an album, we understand that each track has a unique message, and a unique voice. But together they form a movement. This is a platform to create a movement.

But, we can’t do it without you.


About You

You are a bold individual. You are a fearless innovator. You embrace technology to accelerate change. You are 3000Disrupters, and we need your help.

We know that telling the stories behind social movements isn’t as sexy as posting a selfie or sharing a meme. We know this job is difficult and complex. We know that the most powerful movements take time. However, with your help, we can tell these complex stories and make them impactful. Together, as 3000Disrupters, we can accelerate change.