14 Disrupters that Seriously Changed the Game

Posted by Anthony Worku
(@Anthony Worku)


Let the countdown begin. Our country is full of #Disrupters that make, and continue to make, this country great. Over the next two weeks we’re profiling 14 Disrupters who have greatly impacted our lives and the lives of others. Who’s on your list?


Disrupter #14: Russell Simmons


Love hip hop music? Only Disrupters like Russell Simmons can turn a genre of music from the sounds of the marginalized to the mainstream. Simmons produced the first rap group to air a hip hop video on MTV. His label, Def Jam Recordings transformed the face of the music industry forever.


Disrupter #13: Jenna Wortham

Before this Disrupter took Twitter by storm (she only has 500,00 + followers, NBD) she was shaping the tech world one column at a time. Using The New York Times as her mouthpiece, the brilliant Jenna Wortham covers everything technology with a fierce edge we rarely see in journalism today.


Disrupter #12: Arianna Huffington


Does the stress from work prevent you from actually doing your work well? Arianna Huffington is trying to fix that. Not only is this girl boss the founder of the Huffington Post, but her highly anticipated platform Thrive Global aims to make “work, life, balance” an attainable goal. Now this is a Disrupter we all owe a big thanks to!


Disrupter #11: Chris Hughes

Remember that time when the election was civil? Back then, Disrupter Chris Hughes was instrumental in electing the first black president with his creation of My.BarackObama.com. The creation of this social media site allowed the Obama campaign to embrace technology and attract young voters. Whether you are red or blue, the future of our country depends on creating meaningful conversations and communities like this.


Disrupter(s) #10: Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin



Want to wake up knowing the news without actually reading a newspaper? Thank Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin who disrupted the way we consume news by founding @theskimm The app delivers a breakdown of the news to your inbox daily, making it easier to become informed. These two remind us of our #3000Disrupters, no wonder they made our countdown!


Disrupter #9: Joe Fernandez


We like taking a selfie as much as the next person, but the Disrupter mindset of Joe Fernandez capitalized on the power of social media. Fernandez founded Klout, a platform that measures social capital and its relevancy to business qualification. Look where thinking outside the box will get you!


Disrupter #8: Wayne Sutton


This mighty Disrupter Wayne Sutton is the co-founder of Change Catalyst and Tech Inclusion, two programs that embraces and create new ways to diversify the tech world. Did we mention that Sutton was also listed on the top 100 most influential people on social media? Now that’s an insider opening the door for an outsider. Seriously inspired.


Disrupter #7: Chinedu Echeruo



Raise your hand if the app HopStop helped you champion the streets of your city? Thank Echeruo. This Nigerian tech entrepreneur and Disrupter helped so many people navigate public transit, that Apple later acquired his app. Can your product help the masses, too? Join our 3000 Disrupters movement today.


Disrupter #6: Roi Choi



From food truck guru to entrepreneur, Roi Choi recently launched a new restaurant chain called Locol. The restaurant brings healthy and affordable food to urban food deserts, while offering employment opportunities for the people in these communities as well. We need more Disrupters like Choi to create opportunities in urban America.


Disrupter #5: Mike Bloomberg



Although known as a politician and philanthropist for many millennials, he lands a spot on our Disrupter countdown for his work as a pioneer tech entrepreneur. His tech innovation mind introduced Bloomberg Terminal in 1981 to stock traders, and disrupted the financial market usage and analysis of information and data for good. Proof that when you think like a Disrupter, you become a household name and get to give half of your fortune for good of society.


Disrupter #4: Liya Kebede



Ladyboss Liya Kebede will keep your clothing game ?? in an ethical way thanks to her fashion line Lem Lem.


Disrupter #3: Param Jaggi



Param Jaggi proves that age is just a number when it comes to effecting change. Before the age of 21, Jaggi launched Team Ecoviate, a social network focused around sustainability and the environment. The world is just waiting for the next young entrepreneur like Jaggi. Could it be you?


Disrupter #2: Derek Jeter



Baseball legend Derek Jeter didn’t land a spot on our Disrupter countdown for his 20 season run with the Yankees, or even his good looks (swoon). Instead, his creation of Players Tribune secured him a spot on our list. The platform turns athletes into storytellers by allowing them to speak directly to their fans in their own words. 3000 Disrupters celebrates your story. Share it today.


Disrupter #1: Ibtihaj Muhammad



You may recognize this Disrupter as the first Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab. But what you may not know is that Ibtihaj Muhammad recently became a fashion mogul with her launch of Louella, a hip and modest clothing line. While the line is primarily designed for Muslim women, the garments look great on everyone. Kudos to you, Ibtihaj, for staying true to yourself and being such a boss.